Light Oak Solid Wood Flooring Constantly Popular

 Although engineered wood flooring has dominated centre stage over the last couple of decades, there's been a real trend back towards strong oak in the last few months. The most popular flooring choice until not so very long ago, solid hardwood has truly come back into big need. Although a high quality engineered wood floor looks like solid hardwood and in some ways is a great deal more flexible when it comes to the likes of kitchens and bathrooms, there are still excellent arguments for choosing wood. If you're on the market for light oak solid hardwood floors , you are not alone. Light oak solid hardwood floors is continually popular and to be honest, it's easy to see why. At Bromley By Bow Floor Sanding Services we are passionate about everything that is wood-related and appreciate nothing more than the smell and feel of a piece of light solid oak. In the time of writing, we have two amazing options available. There is this pale blonde option which has been brushed white